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#TheUnknownCigar & #TheUnknownLancero

"All the God's, All the Heaven's, All the Hell's are within You."

What makes the Unknowns so illusive is the construction and overall construction. I blended the 70 ring first. Using 9 whole leaves was impossible for any other ring gauge. Choosing the 9 was painstaking but worth it. 2 Ligeros, 3 Viso's, 2 Seco's bound by Candela Viso and wrapped in Pennsylvania Broadleaf. An elegant full body is how it's regarded. Lush flavors of sweetness, spice, coco's, espresso and leather are the primary notes with an amazing clean finish. I then reduced the quantity of leaf while maintaining the blend to reach 60 rings guage and reduced even further to finalize the 44. Arguably a lonsdale by normal standards this cigar is anything but normal which is why I've called it a Lancero 44x7.

The story behind the ring used on the cigar is just as illusive. I invite you to ask.

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