1. Medium/Mild - Connecticut Shade
2. Medium - Ecuadorian Habano 2000
3. Medium/Full - San Andres Broadleaf


This represents the projects created by Patrick Potter since 2015


60x4.75 Fat Robusto • 7x54 Torpedo • 6x54 Toro

3 Blends 9 Cigars

Co-Blended between Patrick Potter and Raul Disla comes 3 Cuban Sandwiches that are re-invented. First we use 100% Premium Tobacco. Two types of binders are used and rolled oppositely to create a longer more sturdy ash. Only the best in wrappers are used. These are designed to help retailers in higher tax states. They are packaged in bundles without cello.

 1. Medium/Mild - Connecticut Shade
2. Medium - Ecuadorian Habano 2000
3. Medium/Full - San Andres Broadleaf


56X6 • 54X6.6 • 60X4.75

In 2018 we experimented with a Corojo seed from Vuelta Abajo Cuba, planted in Condega Nicaragua. The leaf was graded and separated, only the finest leaf was fermented using a three times method. The rest of the tobacco was also fermented but used in our Saciar cigar.


Patrick Potter under the supervision of Master Cigar Maker Ernesto Perez Carrillo of E.P. Carrillo, created HOY VIVO “Live Today.” This is a blend uses a rare 2011 Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper. The  binder and fillers are a symphony of our 2018 Corojo secos, visos and volado's; paired to provide the smoothest flavor while maintaining medium strength from start to finish. Paying homage to Ernesto’s Cuban heritage this cigar is as “Cubanesque” as his methods for making it. Note the triple cap, and triple fermentation which brings out the creamy, nutty, and refined notes of woods, leather and earth but note especially in the retrohale, dried fruit and floral notes. Ernesto and Patrick produced a very limited number of the 56x6. Patrick use's his own small factory in Miami, FL to produce the 54x6.6 Piramide Extra and the 60x4.5 Robusto Gordo.

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70x6 60x5 44x7 Lancero

Conceptualized and blended by Patrick Potter this line of mighty cigars boast an impressive 70x6, 60x5 and 44x7. Pennsylvania Broadleaf covers a full length Candela binder, over two Nicaraguan Secos, a Nacaraguan Viso, a Jalapa Candela Viso and two Nicaraguan Ligero's. These cigars are packaged in 17ct matte black slide top boxes.



Saciar: (English: To Saciate) Is one of the more unique blends offered by Tabac Trading Company. Blended by Patrick Potter under the supervision of Guillermo Pena of La Perla Tabaclera in Esteli, Nicaragua. Originally dubbed TABAC Blend #18, the same Saciar was chosen purely because of the effect produced from this cigar. Everyone who tested this cigar reported experiencing the oddest thing, a sense of satiety. This cigar features an exclusive use of Seco and Viso. Ligero known for its power has been replaced with stronger viso tobaccos. The cigar taste is well balanced with a smooth finish.

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Conceptualized by Pat Potter & Joey Febre and blended by Pat Potter. This first of kind double footed perfecto figuardo is 64 x 5.5 of pure joy. The innovation is the abiity to smoke the cigar from either end. Presently patent pending in the U.S.

90 rating.png

What can be told about this cigar? That none of the other cigars Patrick Potter makes even is in the same hemisphere as this cigar? What can be said about this cigar, is that its strong. Tempered though, like most of Patrick's cigars, there's an undeniable smoothness. Though this one is not for the novice. This is a powder keg waiting to go off. Enjoy...at your own risk.


One & Done

Still  Life


This is very special project for Patrick Potter. He created only one of these for a charity which was auctioned in 2016.

This is sold as a complete box set. It contains four Culebra's. Each in their own coffin.


55 x 5

TABAC Blend #2 was conceptualized and made in 2015. One of Patrick's first blends. He loves breakfast and is a well known maker of pancakes and waffles, at least to his friends and family. One of his favorite times to smoke a cigar is in the morning paired with a double espresso and he's ready to start the day. On the box of Milk & Honey reads, "All mornings should start this Amazing..." This cigar is intended for the morning which is why there are 30 cigars per box.




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