One amazing journey....

on the road to Mastery.

It's like playing the blues, we do it for the love.

Master Cigar Makers begin being referred to as a Master after about 20 years of daily, hands on manufacturing and supervising the entire process of cigar making, from farm to factory. In my journey, which started when I smoked my first cigar at age 14 in the warehouse of the original Tinder Box owned by my grandfather Robert Gabriel and founding partner Ed Kolpin. Since then I have always been fascinated by the industry and the physical practice of making cigars. So much so that in 2015, I launched this company to make and sell cigars. I have had the tremendous privilege of blending cigars with men who have had 30+ years of cigar making experience. I've visited farms in Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. I've seen the process of fermentation, the nuances of why some demand double fermentation, triple fermentation or single fermentation. I've seen factories use machines to remove the center vein, and others only by hand. I've watched in pure delight the process of bunching and wrapping cigars. The entire process is fascinating and artistic. I am not a master, I aspire to become one. I blend my cigars with the goal of creating differentiating styles, designs, and flavors- experimenting with new tobaccos and interesting packaging.

Things to come.

Puro Puro's have all been done. Blending, much like wine or whiskey is an art. The tobaccos that I have been favoring include American, Mexican, Ecuadorian, Nicaraguan, Dominican, Indonesian, Brazlian, Honduran and Peruvian.



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